Bartlett Lake 11.29.18

Today we started fishing at 8:30 am.  The temperature was 48 degrees and the water temp was a chilly 59 degrees.  Fishing slows down when the water temperatures drop.  To get the fish to bite, you have to move the rod slowly and use smaller worms to attract the fish.   Marshal who was fishing with […]

Lake Pleasant 11.14.18

Doc and his son, Owen went with me to Lake Pleasant today.  We decided to start in the coves of the main lake to stay out of the wind and cold.  Temperature today was only 43 degrees and the water temp was 65 degrees.  Owen surprised us all and caught the first fish on drop […]

Roosevelt Lake 11.13.18

Traveled to Roosevelt Lake today.  Temperature was only 28 degrees, very cold and windy.  Water temp was 60 degrees.  The fish had all moved to deeper water – 20′ or deeper.  We started with Tx rig trick worms (watermelon candy) and caught a few fish.  With the colder temps, we decided to switch to drop […]

Bartlett Lake 11.6.18

Today at Bartlett Lake the water temp was 64 degrees and the temperature was 34 degrees.  A cold front had come in.  The fishing was tough.  We started with worms and began catching fish on TX rigs.  We used trick worms (watermelon candy) in 10′ – 20′ of water.  We moved onto drop shot and […]

Bartlett Lake 11.1.18

When I arrived at Bartlett lake today at 6:30 am the water temperature was 69 degrees.  We started in the main lake at a depth of 15-20′ and caught fish on Yamamoto hula grubs (301 and 330).  Also fished with drop shot with red crawlers made by Robo worms (morning dawn).  Fleck shake was working […]

Bartlett Lake 10.24.18

Clear, beautiful sunny day at the lake today.  This is called a blue-bird day which is usually a tough day of fishing after a front with rain has blown through.  There was no reaction bite.  Moved deeper and used Carolina rigs, drop shot and jigs and caught 34 bass.  Used watermelon trick worms, green pumpkin […]

Bartlett Lake 10.22.18

Today I had the pleasure to take fishing a 3 generation family, grandfather, father and son.  The day started partially cloudy when we arrived at 8:30 am.  The water had cooled down to 69 degrees which slowed the morning bite a bit.  We did catch fish from 15′ – 18′ depth.  We used drop shot […]

Bartlett Lake 10.5.18

Our fishing trip at Bartlett started at 6:15 am.  The air temp was 65 degrees with water temperature 81 degrees.  We started on the main lake using small chatter baits (white) and flick shake (morning dawn).  Bob stayed with these baits and caught fish all day long.  I switched to Carolina rig and drop shot […]

Roosevelt Lake 10.3 to 10.4.18

Wednesday afternoon we did a half day trip to Roosevelt and started catching fish with drop shot Robo worms (morning dawn) and Zoom trick worms (watermelon candy).  Switched to TX Rig power worms (7″ green pumpkin) and TX Rig brush hogs (watermelon red).  A few fish were caught on crank baits.  Total 22 bass caught […]

Bartlett Lake 9.26.18

Today the water temp was 80 degrees, air temp was 72 degrees and clear skies.  Fished the main lake points with shatter baits and small spinner baits.  The wind was blowing hard which gave us a good bite.  After the sun came up, Greg Utton and I started fishing a little deeper with plastic worms […]