Bartlett Lake 03/14/19

Air temperature 45   Water temperature 53      The lake is full and dirty, went across to he other side looking for clearer and warmer water. The backs of coves are where we fished. We tried crank baits and spinner baits for a hour with no luck. We had to slow down and use drop shot and […]

Lake Pleasant 3/9/19

Air temp. 45      Water temp 55  Today we started in castle creek caught one fish. We then went to humbug creek and stay about 4 hours flipping brush hogs in the trees and bushes, caught one fish. We left humbug and went out to the main lake to drop shot all the points and islands […]

Bartlett lake 03/05/19

Air temperature 55     Water temperature 53.5  The lake just came up 40 feet and is very dirty. On a day like to this where do you start with all this muddy water. I started fishing at 9.30 a.m. Why did I start this late in the morning. My clients didn’t want to start early because […]

Bartlett Lake 1.28.19

Water Temp. 51 degrees        Air Temp. 49 degrees Arrived at the lake at 9 am with Robin and Josh (age 8).  We fished all the way to the yellow cliffs.  Fishing was a bit slow after a big tournament last Saturday.  We only caught 5 total bass on drop shot using (morning […]

Bartlett lake 12/25/19 

Air temp. 39. Water temp. 50    Bartlett treated us pretty good today. We tried a lot of different worms a long with hula grubs and brush hogs today. Green pumpkin hula grubs, and 301 grubs were the best for jigs. Drop shot with watermelon, oxblood, and green pumpkin zoom trick worms worked also. The depth […]